Bahia, its land & people  

Intercultural briefing  
Excursions around the city and special tours  

Intercultural briefing and orientation, excursions around the city, courses and workshops about Bahian culture. The orientation and tours fit the special interests of the guests. 

Intercultural briefing: what’s being offered

Bahia, terra da alegria - Bahia - Land of Happiness

Bahia is an emotional place, bursting with colors, open-hearted, and yet mysterious, so remarkably different that visitors often inquire about the cultural, religious, historical, architectural, social and political interconnections. The starting point for answering such questions is intercultural understanding and acceptance.

This intercultural offering is directed to visitors who are seeking a structured but stress-free approach to a better understanding of the very peculiar charm of Bahia and its emotional, happy, and deeply spiritual people. We also offer special courses and workshops which will enrich your stay in Salvador da Bahia.

A holistic approach to getting to know Bahia

This intercultural offering takes a holistic approach to educating guests about Bahia. This approach is participative and encourages the guests to get as involved as they wish, for example, in capoeira or in dancing-in-the-round with local people.


PHOTOS: Bahia, its land & people

Individual and small group briefing

  • Introductory briefing

  • Background information: Toward a better understanding of daily life and human interaction in Bahia;

  • Suggestions for and organization of individually selected excursions in Salvador and surroundings (guided if you desire);

  • Briefing on a variety of security issues;

  • De-briefing: feedback on your experiences during your stay in Bahia;

  • Group encounters, mini-courses, and workshops aimed at creative self-expression about Bahia: organized upon request

    Intercultural Consultant:
    Evelyn Hartoch
    Official Regional Tour Guide for Bahia (Bahiatursa).
    Studied Communications in São Paulo and city planning and landscape architecture in Germany. Has lived and worked in Salvador for 12 years.

    When calling this phone you can speak English with me:  
    Phone in Salvador da Bahia   (0055) (71) 8817-2711