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One-Week Courses

Cooking course: Bahian specialties + cultural background
Culture, History & More (much more)
Nature Protection Areas on the Bahian coast: The "Coconut Coast"

*) These courses will be run if a sufficient number of people have registered for them in advance.
Please contact us for additional information.

The one-week courses include:

28 study-hours with a 7-day stay at half-pension (lodging + breakfast + one meal - meals include fruits and fruit juices in season); transfer to and from the airport and to and from places involved in the courses; intercultural briefing; a group trip to the Tamar Project and Arembepe Beach; and a walking trip in the Old City of Salvador: Pelourinho, a United Nations Cultural Treasure.

Other services or full pension upon request.

PHOTOS: Seminar House by the Old Cashew Tree and surroundings, Capivara Nature Preserve, Arembepe Beach and the Tamar Project for the Protection of Turtles.  

Description of the one-week courses

(28 hours)

Cooking course: Bahian specialties + cultural background

One-week cooking course with gourmet excursions

Steaming pots and rich aromas ... Moqueca de peixe, bobó de camarão, carurú, vatapá! We are going to prepare and eat special Bahian dishes, but also typically Brazilian dishes like feijoada and churrasco, which are not to be missed. Cooking instruction will take place at the Seminar House. Instruction for one specialty dish will be done in a local restaurant right on the beach where we will all dine together. We will also shop together for ingredients in supermarkets and specialty stores. We also will direct you and transport you to other gourmet restaurants if you wish, but your meals there are not included in the price of the course.

Culture, History & More (much more):

One-week course with city walk, short excursions and culture program.

From a holistic, intercultural perspective visitors will deepen there understanding of current cultural expression in Bahia: history, political development, survival strategies, religion, sycretism and relations with nature. The course includes city walks, short excursions, trips to museums and candomblé houses, as well as to theatrical productions and concerts when available (entrance fees not included).
On these walks and excursions, we will concentrate on richly expressive scenes from everyday life, and later on as a group we will reflect on our experience, share impressions, and sort out our feelings.

Nature Protection Areas on the Bahian coast: The "Coconut Coast"

One-week course with short excursions to nature preserves on the north coast of Bahia and to the city of Salvador.

The tourism policies of the Bahian state government provide for many tourist attractions but also generate a lot of environmental problems. In recent years the government has created various preserves in order to protect the most vulnerable and important areas. In this course we will present and discuss the current state of affairs, and we will visit some of the most beautiful and endangered areas, as well as some of the most wonderful beaches on the north coast of Bahia. Naturally, you’ll be able to go in the water or do any number of sporting activities. You will learn about environmental issues from both governmental and non-governmental organizations. If the group desires, we can wrap up the course by making concrete proposals for preserving the environment.