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Courses and Workshops    

Bahia will stimulate your senses:    
The intensity of the light makes the colors race;    
Hearty aromas are in the air;    
Music and self-expression are everywhere;    
Sensuality is really in your face.    

  • Cooking course: Bahian specialties + cultural background
  • Culture, History & More (much more)
  • Nature Protection Areas on the Bahian coast: The "Coconut Coast"
  • Colors in Bahia: how they work and what they mean
  • The luminance of colors in Bahia - a day of photo opportunities
  • Artistic motifs - travel impressions expressed in colors
  • A day of making handicrafts with palm branches
  • Gemstones and deco-natural stones of Bahia
  • Orixás - African deities in everyday Bahia
  • Gemstones and deco-natural stones of Bahia
  • Afro-Brazilian rhythms - drums, dances, singing, and simply playing

    Objectives of the courses and workshops

    We offer courses and workshops which will really enrich your stay in Salvador da Bahia. You will get a deeper understanding of this city bursting with color and of this people bursting with happiness.

    Foreign visitors to Bahia may encounter some very unfamiliar situations because the special mix of local cultures is decidedly African with a peculiar Brazilian twist.
    We offer courses and workshops in a relaxed, light hearted atmosphere. Participants will get a better understanding of the magical and mystical city of Salvador.

    Special excursions - Ask for information.

    Location of the courses and workshops
    Unless otherwise listed, courses and workshops take place at the Seminar House by the Old Cashew Tree, and excursions also begin there. The Seminar House is a very pleasant place with a beautiful stand of tropical trees and a rich landscape within the Capivara Nature Preserve on the northern coast of Bahia near the beautiful beach of Arembepe.

    Instructors can rent the Seminar House for courses. We especially welcome courses in tune with the philosophy of the House, like study trips, meditation or reflection.

    Seminar House by the Old Cashew Tree and

    PHOTOS: surroundings, Capivara Nature Preserve, Arembepe Beach and the Tamar Project for the Protection of Turtles    

    Address and location of the farm and Seminar House "To The Old Cashew Tree"

    Address: SALVADOR DA BAHIA / Arembepe, District 42.835-000 - Coqueiros de Arembepe.

    North East shore line of Bahia. About 1.5 miles from the beach of Arembepe.

    Distance from Salvador city centre:
    ~29 miles

    Distance from the international airport of Salvador:
    ~13.5 miles

    by car, taxi of bus, from city centre of Salvador. From the airport by taxi, rental car of pick-up service. From and to Arembepe in 7 minutes by car, by bus or simply by foot. If you wish some sports exercise you can reach the beach of Arembepe by row boat. The streets are paved until the farm's entrance. Rent-a-car is very useful for visiting surroundings, Coconut Highway and the wonderful beaches.

    SLIDE SHOW:     
    Country and Seminar House By The Old Cashew Tree    


    For further information or price information, please contact.

    Evelyn Hartoch
    When calling this phone you can speak English with me:    
    Phone in Salvador da Bahia: (0055) (71) 8817-2711